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Positive Psychology: Happiness

Dr. Ellen Dreezens, who is a psychologist, has designed an academic and online course on happiness. The course is offered to the students of Liberal Arts and Sciences at UC Tilburg and focuses on academic insights into happiness. Throughout the course, students will academically explore questions, such as what is happiness, what is the opposite of happiness, how do strategies to increase happiness work, and more. Resilience is also introduced in one of the units since becoming happier leads to more resilience and vice versa. The course asks students to explain situations in their own lives by making use of the theories they have learned about happiness. Students will also be asked to choose a happiness related topic, give a small lecture, and write a research proposal on their chosen topic.


The course is divided into six units:


General Information on the Happiness course:

The New Era of Positive Psychology, a TED Talk delivered by Martin Seligman:

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