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Failing Forward

If you ask a person whether he or she has failed in the past year, the vast majority will remember a small or big failure. However, only a small minority are willing to openly share their failures in public as seen on our storyboard below. Intuitively, people tend to hide their failures: ‘If you do not succeed, then hide all evidence that you have tried’, the comedian Steven Wright quotes. Apparently, failure brings shame, despite the fact that it is part of life. Only when people have been able to turn their failures into a success, they dare to speak up.


To break the taboo and normalize failure, together with Extra Muros and Studium Generale, we invited students, staff members, professors, and alumni to share their failures, instead of their success stories in the Failing Forward event. Click here to view the full event, which took place on Friday 27 November, 2020.

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